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Talks and Workshops
Slush: Addressing Power Imbalances in VC Fundraising Helsinki, Finland Nov 2019
Diversity Lab: Moving Venture Capital & Tech Forward London, UK Sept 24, 2019
TechBBQ: Addressing Power Imbalances in VC Fundraising Copenhagen, Denmark Sept 17, 2019
Tech Inclusion: Addressing Power Imbalances in Venture Capital San Francisco, CA Sept 12, 2019
Anti-Harassment Policy Design Workshop San Francisco, CA May 9, 2019
TechChill: Invest for Impact Riga, Latvia Feb 22, 2019
#MovingForward Breakfast Briefing @ Entrepreneur First London, UK Jan 31, 2019
HBS Tech Conference: Addressing Power Imbalances in VC Fundraising Boston, MA Oct 2018
From Our Community

A collection of blog posts, articles, and writings from members and partners of #MovingForward

Bee Partners Why D&I Matters and What We're Doing Dec 12, 2019
Ellen Pao / WIRED It's Way Too Early To Talk About #MeToo And Redemption Sept 3, 2019
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Balderton Capital Why We're #MovingForward March 8, 2019
capital300 Fostering Inclusion While Striving For Diversity March 7, 2019
Alice Bentinck #MovingForward from harassment and discrimination in fundraising March 5, 2019
Laconia Capital Group Moving Forward and Beyond: Our Statement on Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-Harassment April 6, 2018
Rob Hayes Making Diversity Core to Community March 26, 2018
Aydin Senkut Reflections on #MovingForward March 8, 2018
Mark Suster The VC Inclusion Clause #MovingForward March 8, 2018
Cheryl (Yeoh) Sew Hoy #MovingForward: Highlighting VCs Committed to Action March 8, 2018
Ellen Pao / Project Include #MovingForward Together March 8, 2018
Zetta Venture Partners Moving Forward Together March 8, 2018
Upfront Ventures Why We Have Zero Tolerance for Sexual Misconduct March 8, 2018
Upfront Ventures Upfront VC Inclusion Clause March 8, 2018
Costanoa Ventures Our Berlin Wall Moment: How Venture is #MovingForward March 8, 2018
Bowery Capital Announcing Our Involvement In Project #MovingForward March 8, 2018
True Ventures 3 Women Founders Share Career Obstacles They Overcame March 8, 2018
500 Startups 500’s Commitment to #MovingForward March 8, 2018
First Round Capital Questions we get all the time March 8, 2018
Homebrew Blog Human Resources Policy at Startups March 4, 2018
Yrjö Ojasaar Change Ventures first in the Baltics to join #MovingForward February 25, 2018