For Founders

The following resources were created to help you navigate thorny harassment and discrimination situations if they arise while you’re fundraising.

Guide for founders on how to navigate investor-related harassment during fundraising

What should a founder do if they experience sexual harassment? What rights exist? What actions are available?

We created this guide to help founders better understand their rights and options in the face of unwanted sexual attention, and to offer tools and resources for learning and healing. The guide has been vetted by our legal counsel and includes case studies from founders who have faced sexual harassment in the past.

You can read our comprehensive blog post here.

Our PDF version is available here.

We've also created an open source version where anybody can recommend additions by commenting directly. We hope that this living document will grow and evolve in the years ahead.

Fundraising Policy Gallery for Founders

As an entrepreneur, putting the right policies in place is a crucial fundraising exercise. What policies will smooth collaboration with investors and set you up to grow your business and working relationship?

The following policies will be updated and extended as we gather more examples of policies startup founders have implemented to enhance equity and fairness during fundraising. If you’d like to recommend a policy concept, submit your idea via this form or drop us a line at hello@venturemovingforward.org.

You can read our comprehensive blog post here.