Promoting inclusive and equitable startup fundraising
We are #MovingForward

There is an inherent power imbalance between investors and founders.

#MovingForward is a grassroots social movement started by founders. We facilitate the creation of external anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies and clear reporting channels by investors, and we work with founders to make sure they know their rights if they face inappropriate behavior from investors when fundraising.

Our mission is two-pronged:

  1. If a founder faces discimination or harassment during the fundraising process, ensure that the founders know their rights and have a clear and safe way to report harassment the incident.
  2. Guide investors to create and strengthen harassment and discrimination policies that protect founders and other third parties they work with.

We envision a world with a standard of workplace decency that applies to all, employees or not.

Confused about why we say this? Turns out it’s not illegal to harass/discriminate against people in most states if those people do not share your same employer. Wild. We know.

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Founders First

We aim to help founders know their rights and have a clear path to report harassment and discrimination. We do this by providing tools and resources to empower, support, and protect founders.

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175 VC firms committed to #MovingForward and counting

#MovingForward was launched on March 8, 2018 alongside 39 pioneering VC firms. By October 2020 we grew to 175 firms in 24 countries participating in our movement. We hope that every major venture capital firm and investor will join us and that our open source directory supports founders as they fundraise for their companies.

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